Who is Eligible for Membership in CCEKS?
Any person engaged as the chief managerial officer or as an execu­tive staff member of a Chamber of Commerce, trade, professional, or commercial organization in Kansas on a full-time basis shall be eligible for “regular” member­ship.  Any individual other than those employed in an executive capacity with a Chamber of Commerce shall be eligible for “associate membership, provided they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Employed by a Chamber of Commerce
  • Employed by a company/organization in economic development, public affairs, or convention promotion
  • Retired CCEKS member
  • Others interested in commerce and industry in Kansas and approved by the Board of Directors

Cost of Membership
Chamber with fewer than 100 members:      $75 for the executive
Chamber with 101-200 members:                 $100 for the executive
Chamber with 201-500 members:                 $125 for the executive
Chamber with 501-1000 members:               $150 for the executive
Chamber with over 1000 members:              $200 for the executive

Any size chamber can add additional staff members to their membership for $50 per individual.

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